[IMPORTANT] About the shipping of the Tentacle Ship 2019 and Beherit 2020

Dear customers,

Since the covid-19, our making progress has been largely delayed. Here we have some now information about the Tentacle Ship 2019 and Beherit 2020.

[About the Tentacle Ship 2019]
We will finish the Tentacle Ship first when the factory starts. The making progress goes smoothly and we plan to ship them around late October or November.
The shipping fee will be taken around October. The detail will be send to those who ordered.
There are some country and area still unable for EMS for now, we will inform you in another way.

[About the Beherit 2020]
The making has been delayed until about December. We plan to finish our work and ship them around early January.

Thank you for all your kind understanding!

Best regards,