About shipping of beherit 2020 for the Great Berserk Exhibition

Dear customer

Thank you for your purchasing of our products.
We would like to inform you of the arrival of "Beherit 2020," which was scheduled to be released in May 2022 or later.
The "Beherit 2020" was scheduled to be released in May 2022 or later.


The "Beherit 2020" is scheduled to be shipped from our workshop in China on or around May 10.
The shipping schedule may vary depending on the shipping schedule of the shipments.
We expect it to arrive at our company around the end of May.



We will contact you as soon as it arrives and send it to the customers who have purchased it.
We expect to deliver to our customers around the end of May or early June.


However, due to the current international situation, we have already completed preparations for shipping as shown in the image below.


In that case, we will announce the delay on our website and Twitter.


We will inform you of any further information as soon as it becomes available.
We apologize for the delay and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Thank you for your continued support of ART OF WAR. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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