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Handmade Japanese Katana Sword- Practice Sword for Beginner's

Handmade Japanese Katana Sword- Practice Sword for Beginner's

Unit Price: 33,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 5500g

Product Description

*This sword is a handmade pre-order item. The maker will start making it after we confirmed your payment.
*The sword is not sharpened. It is made for practice and appreciation. It cannot be used to cut.

–Japanese Sword- Practice Sword for Beginner's-

This sword is used for practice. The outer cover (in the handle part) has use of pure black cotton thread and the real use of shark shell in the handle part. The sword has thin blade with super highly grated model in a hard form with lightweight of alloy. You are able to fully enjoy this Japanese sword for practicing. This sword is special than the normal ones. We recommend this sword to the ones who love Ninja and would like to collect ordinary sword for practicing.

The collar is made up of iron turning corner. This is a luxurious item for collectors. The finishing of the sword is made carefully by the artisans from Seki city. The blade of the product gives an immense beauty. The black liquor shark skin is used in this outer handle part.

*Please kindly understand that this sword is not sharpened; you cannot use it to cit things.

-Product Information-

Overall Length: 106 cm
Length of Blade: 74 cm
Blade Length Line up: 2.45 scale
Pattern Length: 8 dimensions
Net Weight: 1,150 gm
-Blade: super-hard lightweight alloy (thin bladed)
-Blade Pattern: Straight& Double bladed design
-Sheath finish: black stone texture sheath
-Thread: pure cotton black thread
-Shark skin: use of shark skin

*The above mentioned size is the actual size of the sword.
However, please kindly understand that the size (1~2cm) might differs from time to time.
Please kindly understand about this.
*Manufactured in Japan (Seki, Gifu Prefecture)

*Image only