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No.486 Berserk -Skull Knight & Beherit*without a frame *last one pc

No.486 Berserk -Skull Knight & Beherit*without a frame *last one pc

Unit Price: 50,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 3600g

Product Description

We planned to recreate this art statue with a better molding & painting.
The design is from one of the most famous monochrome illustrations: the symbolic Skull Knight head with Beherit and Rose crown.
In Berserk comic volume 9, Skull Knight appeared in the dark forest for the first time, to give Guts a prophecy of the Eclipse.

We molded the skull head based on a real one, not a copy from the picture because AOW always pursue the “reality” for every product.
The crack lines on the skull are painted by brush carefully and very painted in a real skeleton.This time, we tried to paint the item bringing the real image of Skull Knight. The dusty painting repainting is done by using many painting techniques by our skillful artisans. The more effort and time has been spent in painting the item carefully.
The thorn is painted in rusty + silver metal color; the rose is also molded as a real one and painted in antique blue color.
Colors used to enhance the mysterious feelings of Skull Knight, and to express his longevity and nobility.

It is the first time we use Blue Doll Eye.
We believe it will make the Beherit vividly like a real creature, and you will feel the power when Skull Knight looks at you.

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Estimated Delivery Date: around 3-10 days after the confirmation of payment.

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Product Information

Unit Price 50,000JPY
Product Size Skull Knight & Beherit: (H)19cm x (W)12.5cm x (D)13.5 cm (including base) ; Frame Size: about (H)25.5cm x (W)22.5cm x (D)16.5 cm
Materials Polystone; Doll Eye
Estimated Delivery Date around 3-10 days
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Copy Right ©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
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