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Lord's Prayer Skull Sliver Ring

Lord's Prayer Skull Sliver Ring

Unit Price: 17,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 400g

Ring Size::
New item-Lord's Prayer Skull Sliver Ring

*Estimate deliver date: around 30 business days after the confirmation of payment.

This ring is designed with a motif of Jesus praying

*Please note:
- Silver is soft metal. Please avoid applying strong pressure on it.
- This ring is a made to order item. We do not accept cancellations. Once cancellation occurred, we would not accept the order from the same ID again and the payment will not be refund in any case. So please do consider carefully before the purchasing.
- Since every item is handmade, there might be subtle differences in the colors. By polishing the ring, you can enjoy delicate effects of silver.

Thank you so much for your kind understanding.

Unit Price: 17000JPY
Material: 925 Silver
Net Weight: Size 21= approx. 20 gm
Estimated release time: around 30 days after receiving your payment
Made in Japan

EMS Shipping and Handling Costs (Japanese Yen)

Area 1 (Asia)- 1,600 Yen
Area 2 (USA, Canada, & Australia)- 2,000 Yen
Area 3 (EU Countries)- 2,300 Yen
Area 4 (South America)- 2,600 Yen
* Please note *
Please remember to inform us if you have any needs or requires for the shipment, or we are not able to do anything for the invoice. Thank you for your cooperation.

Size: Japanese Ring Size: No. 15-No.25 / U.S. Ring Size:No.7.5-No.12
**Please kindly contact us after your pre-order and provide the number of your size.

Japanese Ring Size: 15/ U.S. Ring Size: 7.5
(Diameter: 17 2/3 mm; Circumference: 55.5 mm)

Japanese Ring Size: 16/ U.S. Ring Size: 8
(Diameter: 18 mm; Circumference: 56.5 mm)

Japanese Ring Size: 17/ U.S. Ring Size: 8.5
(Diameter: 18 1/3 mm; Circumference: 57.6 mm)

Japanese Ring Size: 18/ U.S. Ring Size: 9
(Diameter: 18 2/3 mm; Circumference: 58.6 mm)

Japanese Ring Size: 19/ U.S. Ring Size: 9.5
(Diameter: 19 mm; Circumference: 59.7 mm)

Japanese Ring Size: 20/ U.S. Ring Size: 10
(Diameter: 19 1/3 mm; Circumference: 60.7 mm)

Japanese Ring Size: 21/ U.S. Ring Size: 10 - 10.5
(Diameter: 19 2/3 mm; Circumference: 61.8 mm)

Japanese Ring Size: 22/ U.S. Ring Size: 10.5
(Diameter: 20 mm; Circumference: 62.8 mm)

Japanese Ring Size: 23/ U.S. Ring Size: 11
(Diameter: 20 1/3 mm; Circumference: 63.9 mm)

Japanese Ring Size: 24/ U.S. Ring Size: 11.5
(Diameter: 20 2/3 mm; Circumference: 64.9 mm)

Japanese Ring Size: 25/ U.S. Ring Size: 12
(Diameter: 21 mm; Circumference: 66 mm)

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