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Japanese Pottery- Onigawara Iemori - Smile Demon Face

Japanese Pottery- Onigawara Iemori - Smile Demon Face

Unit Price: 28,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 1100g

Estimated Delivery Time: around 30 days after the confirmation of payment.
Onigawara Iemori - Smile Demon Face

1. Product Description

What is onigawara iemori?

Onigawara ridge-end tiles have long been installed on the roofs of shrines, temples and Japanese homes as "guardian angels". But due to the prevailing use of Western-style roofing, on which onigawara tiles are difficult to install, we are witnessing a fading of this important facet of Japanese house culture, in which the onigawara ridge-end tile is equalted with a guardian angel. So we have developed onigawara iemori as interior products based on the concept of providing guardian angels in all living spaces, whether single- family homes, apartments, or offices. Both the diminutive size, which won't interfere with your interior design, and the walnut base, with its indentation for the placement of the onigawara iemori, make the product suitable to a variety of situations. Since the tiles are fixed to the base with screws, multiple pieces can be interchanged, and because our product allows for wall mounting
or surface display, you can exhibit it anywhere.

Your onigawara iemori will always watch over the healthy growth and development of your family, forever warding off evil, looking after the prosperity of future generations.

This is a handmade product and it is crafted one by one by the artisans. The expression of this "onigawara iemori" means "singnifying common sense....towards a new world view."

Material: Devil' Face: Pottery Tiles / Base (Plate) : Walnuts
Base- approx. Height(H) 140 mm x Width(W) 200 mm x Depth(D) 26mm
Onigawara- approx. Height(H) 90mm x Width(W) 110mm x Depth(D) 50mm
Net Weight: 400 gm

Attachments: the wall hanging kits
a. One base (with plate)
b. Two small safety pads
c. Five small rivets
d. Four screws (for hanging on the wall)
Made in Japan.
This is a handmade product and it is crafted one by one by the artisans.

2. Product Information

Oni (鬼)are a kind of yokai from Japanese folklore, variously translated as demons, devils, ogres, or trolls. They are the creatures with sharp claws, wild hair, and two long horns growing from their heads.

Onigawara (Aichi Prefecture of Japan)

Onigawara refers to the charm against evil spirits. This tile is often used in the roof side of the houses of Japan in order to avoid bringing harmful spirit and protect the house. However, nowadays, this is a craftwork used as interior decoration elements in our house.
Therefore, this onigawara can be added to your collection.

3. About the artist

Name: Yamasita Atsusi (山下 敦)

4. Display Method

*This product can be displayed by hanging on the wall.
*Also, you are able to display by putting it in a table by using its stand.


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Product Information

Unit Price 28,000 JPY*Jewel Demon Face
Materials Pottery, Walnut Wood (base part)
Estimated Delivery Date around 30 days after the confirmation of payment.