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Gurunberd 2019 Limited Edition 1(attachment of Senma Solider & replacement head part) [1507]

Gurunberd 2019 Limited Edition 1(attachment of Senma Solider & replacement head part) [1507]

Unit Price: 90,000JPY

Gurunberd - The Most Powerful Warrior that Caused the Birth of the Berserkers.

Gurunberd was the most powerful of warriors; he overwhelmed Guts and caused the birth of the berserkers. His words and his fighting techniques were different from other apostles and he left a special impression on all with his dignity as a knight.

The elaborate armor shows a strong creative originality where every detail has been meticulously checked by Kentaro Miura, the creator of Berserk. This has resulted in an accurately reproduced model that reveals a dignified flow and movement that is distinctly Gurunberd.

Furthermore, in the pursuit of perfect modeling, we have thoroughly examined the overall balance of the statue, even going as far as to ensure its base is fully integrated into the moulding.

This latest version of the Senma Soldier is on the same scale as existing versions. Every detail has been faithfully reproduced so the statue will perfectly complement your existing Semna Soldier collection.

Finally, regarding the Kushan Soldier model, we believe there is no other manufacturer apart from us that can deliver the specialized production necessary for this level of detailed formative art and expression. We welcome you to take a close look at our products.

Product Information

Unit Price 90,000JPY
Product Size 31.0cm (H) x 33.0cm (W) (base included)
Attachments Serial Number Nameplate
Maximum Manufacture Limited Manufacture to 40psc.
Materials Polystone
Shipping Method EMS
Released Date September 25th 2019
Copy Right @Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA/Hakusensha)
Cautions No cancellation, no refund, no return or no repair service