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No. 044 Silat 2020 Special Edition

No. 044 Silat 2020 Special Edition

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A repainted statue by our present artist in Japan.
The texture of the cloth and the 3D effect of the skin are specially painted to bring out the reality of the item. To make the armor and ornaments to look more lustrous, we dry-brushed the armor and the ornaments to give them a more realistic look.
Silat appears on several important scenes of the Berserk comics, such as Vol.33 "Exodus". This statue is a character that cannot be ignored.
Silat is an assassin and the prince of warriors (Bakiraka) who survives by outstanding fighting skills.
Silat keeps distance with the New Hawks to makes sure that he should be a strong man who belongs his own group. This statue's pose is that Silat folds his arms and calmly ascertains the war situation from a high position. From Silat's slender but muscle figures, you can feel his alert and agile characteristic. Besides, the pleats of shoulder armor or weapons that Silat holds are faithfully reproduced from the original Berserk comics. Decorations on Silat's body were carefully painted by gold color.
As Silat is a famous supporting character in the Berserk comics, we would suggest customers display this item with other Berserk works together.
With one Silat mini figure attached.
Due to the pose, the feet may not be stable. you may have to fix it by yourself.

©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
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