Shipping and handling cost of Beherit 2020

Shipping and handling cost of Beherit 2020

Unit Price: 500JPY

Weight: 500g


Product Description



This is the shipping and handling fee for the Beherit 2020. please read the following notice carefully before your payment.

The shipping will be in 15-30 days after your payment. 


The payment you made when you ordered the Beherit 2020 is only for the item, not including the shipping and handling cost, that is why you need to pay for this before shipping.

The price JPY500 is the handling cost. System will calculate the shipping cost automaticly based on your country or area. The final payment 





1. Please be sure that you made order of the Beherit 2020 before you pay for this shipping fee. We will not refund you if you paid for this without an order.



2.The package will be send to the address you submit THIS TIME so please be careful when you pay for this.


3. There are still some countries and areas that EMS doesn't support for now, including USA, Canada and Australia. Please kindly wait for the EMS or you can contact our customer service to change into other way.


4. If you have any question, please ask our customer servieve.

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