[!! Important] Price Revisions for Accessory Products

Dear Customer,


Thank you for your continued patronage of our products.


Our accessories are very popular among our customers and we appreciate it very much.

However, in recent years, due to the repeated price hikes of raw materials including silver and the rising cost of labor, it has become difficult to maintain the existing prices.

We have made real effort to keep prices the same, but we have been unable to do so and have decided to revise the prices of our accessories.


The new prices will be effective from December 28, 2022 JPT.

Current prices are available till December 27, 2022 JPT with order date basis.


Please take a moment to review the price details below.



[Details of the price change]

Product nameOld priceNew price
 Guts Ring (without Berserker helmet) 46,000 48,000
 Griffith Silver Ring 46,000 48,000
 Guts Ring (with Berserker helmet) 70,000 73,000
 Zodd Ring (attachment of Zirconia) 28,000 29,000
 The Skull Knight & Mark of Sacrifice Silver Ring 26,000 33,000
 Femto Silver Ring(Standard Version)
 29,800 32,500
 Beherit Silver Pendant (Egg of the King / Eclipse) 19,000 20,000
Beherit Silver Pendant (Onyx Version) (Egg of the King / Eclipse) 19,000 20,000
 Dragon Slayer Silver Pendan 22,000 24,000
 Beherit Sword Silver Pendant 19,000 23,000
 Skull Knight Silver Pendant 22,000 26,000
 Beherit Beryllium Copper Chain Pendant (Egg of the King/Eclipse)Out of Production
 Beherit Silver Chain Pendant (Egg of the King/Eclipse) 18,000 19,000
 The Skull Knight & Mark of Sacrifice Silver Pendant 22,000 25,000
 Fairy Puck & Kuri Puck Pendant (gold version)
 20,000 24,000
 Fairy Puck & Kuri Puck Pendant (silver version) 20,000 24,000
 Beherit Bracelet (Egg of the King / Eclipse)  9,500 15,000
 Druzy Stone Beherit Bracelet (Egg of the King / Eclipse) Out of Production 
 Guts Silver Ring (attachment of Ruby) 48,000 52,000
 Griffith Silver Ring (attachment of Blue Topaz) 48,000 52,000
 The Skull Knight & Mark of Sacrifice Silver Ring (Red Eyes ver.) 33,000 36,000
 The Skull Knight & Mark of Sacrifice Silver Pendant (Red Eyes ver.) 28,000 29,000
 Emblem of the Hawks Silver Badge
 8,000 9,000
 Fairy Puck & Beherit Silver Pendant 26,000 29,000
 Femto Silver Ring (attachment of Diamond stone-filled) 32,500 37,500



Please let us know if you have any questions.


We will continue to make every effort to improve our services.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


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