Your favorite statue will be re-released!

Dear Customers,

This is the update for re-release statue.
Please find the silhouette of the product.

It is the 2024 version with brushed-up coloring.

Pre-order will start in mid-April 2024 (Japan time)
Price: 250,000 yen

The mold of the statue will be discarded after production, so
this will be your last chance to get one.

More details will be released soon!

Thank you



Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce that we will re-release the statue
that have been requested for a long time.
Pre-orders are scheduled to begin around mid-April.

This will be the last chance to get this statue as the mold itself will be
discarded after this production is completed.

We will release product and pre-order details as they become available.
Please look forward to seeing which one will be re-released!

Best regards,
Berserk, Figure, For Honor, Statue