Production Background

  Art Kensin aims to preserve the outstanding skills of Japanese
  armor production for future generations. Since its establishment in
  1997, KENSIN Co., Ltd has continually led the way in researching
  and recreating samurai warrior figures from the Sengoku Period.
  Our plan to reproduce figures of famous samurai warriors such as
  Sanada Yukimura was initiated in 1999.During the last fifteen year
  period, we have been honored to work with Mr. Hiromichi Miura,
  past managing director and currently advisor to the Association for
  the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Amror,
  who we commissioned to research the details of armor used by
  samurai warriors.This time, Mr. Miura has conducted research in
  armor worn by Sanada Yukimura, a Japanese samurai warrior of
  the Sengoku Period.
  His research has enabled us to recreate a set of armor in 1/4 scale
  that is identical in every way to the real armor.

During the Sengoku Period, Sanada was thought to have worn a full set of red round body type armor. We have used real iron, Japanese lacquer, leather and other genuine materials to recreate Sanada's armor in 1/4 scale size.

In researching the actual armor worn by Sanada, we found there was little reliable historical information left from the era, so instead we examined the armor that was worn by the generals from the Takeda Family, to which Sanada belonged. Based on that, we are able to complete this realistic and representative piece of workmanship.

 Mr. Hiromichi Miura-Advisor and Prior Managing

 Development Co-operation for Yukimura Sanada, The Association
 for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and
 In 1969, Appointed as Recommended Armorer by the Association
 for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor.
 In 1975, Conducted repairs and restoration to a piece of Japanese
 armor that was presented by Tokugawa leyasu to King James I
 that is stored in the Tower of Museum.

After conducting extensive research on the Sengoku Period, Kensin Co., LTD is proud to present this statue of Yukimura Sanada.
This original pose is our interpretation of how he expressed his last moments of life.

   兜 Kabuto (Helmet) Kozunari

   The helmet is molded to match the shape of the human head, and the
   visor is specially formed to follow the contour of the eyebrow.
   In fact, it takes skills of the very highest standard to make the eyebrow
   shaped visor, and we have used many references from the helmets of
   other Takeda & Sanada clan warriors in crafting our product.   
   The popular warriors helmets from the Sengoku Period features attachments
   showing exaggerated ornamentation and are custom shaped to the warriors'
   heads as can been seen with the helmets of Tokugawa Leyasu, Ii Noamasa,
   Tachibana Muneshige and Sen no Rikyu.

   Deer Horn and the Rokumonsen Crest

   It is said that Sanada wore a helmet that was decorated with deer
   horn to win the battle in the Seige of Osaka. Though the image
   of the deer horn helmet as painted in folding screens, there were
   no accurate historic records left to prove that was true. Also,
   there were no accurate historic records left to prove that was true.
   Also, there was no evidence to show the existence of the Rokumon
   crest that, as money, symbolized the payment that dead people should
   make to cross over the Styx River. However, it also represented a very
   distinctive mark of the Sanada Army that showed their fearlessness of
   death. The Rokumonsen crest is still often used in many works of art.

   The Cross-Shaped Spear

   In 1600, The Western Army lost his Battle of Sekigahara, and Sanada
   Yukimura and his father were sent to the mountains as prisoners.
   The place they lived is now a museum dedicated to Sanada, and
   his cross-shaped spear has been safely kept by the museum
   dedicated to Sanada, and this cross shaped spear has been safely
   kept by the museum as an important relic of the time. Though, as
   a general of an army, Sanada might not really have used this spear
   in battle.

   All the items are painted by the skillful artisans
   in workshop

   Sanada’s armour is well-known for using an original red color
   in the Akazonae, the military unit associated with him.
   Japanese craftsmen demonstrate their advanced painting
   techniques in the red color finish, which is a combination of
   various color tones and textures.

   We offer same type of models in two different colors.
   One version is used a vivid vermilion color bringing a color
   image. Similarly, one more version is bronze color sculptures
   which brings the antique image of the item. Both the version
   is precisely molded giving a luxury look.

Classic Historical Statue
-Sanada Yukimura

Classic Historical Statue- Sanada Yukimura
Estimated Delivery Date: 3-7 days
Unit Price: 45,000 JPY

Classic Historical Statue-Sanada Yukimura
*Bronze Color Version
Estimated Delivery Date: 3-7 days
Unit Price: 40,000 JPY

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