Kaminarimon- The Thunder Gate of Japan
        Symbol of Tokyo

 With all the experts’ techniques of the craftsman of the Kensin
 Kobo Studio, an advanced art modeling called “Kaminarimon”is
 able to develop.The reproduction work needed, such as precise
 assembly, finish and painting is done by the skillful artisans, which
 is “crystal work of craftsmanship”. Basically, more than 200
 components parts of architecture is assembled, and in the process,
 each of the respective professional technicians is in charge of each

 Japanese craftsmen demonstrate their 10 years of advanced
 painting techniques in a vermillion color finish, which is a
 combination of various color tones and texture. Inside the gate
 either side are enormous polystone statues of the protective
 Buddhist deities Fujin (wind god) and Raijin (thunder god), and
 the next side has the “Tenryuzou” and “Kinryuzou” are
 reproduced with a delicate colors.

   (Front Side)

   The great Japanese entrepreneur, Konoshuke
   Matsuhita donated in building this
   “Kaminarimon” and “large lantern”. During his
   illness, he had visited Asakusa Kannon Temple
   and prayed for his recovery.

   (Back Side)

   The original name of the street called “The
   thunder gate of wind god”, which is written still
   in the lantern of the back side. Nowadays, it is
   called as “Kaminarimon” (which is written in the
   front side). The front side of the gate, has the
   protective Buddhist deities Fujin (wind god) and
   Raijin (thunder god) and in the back side,
   “Tenryuzou” and “Kinryuzou” which is precisely

   Leaf Pasting Process

   The gold leaf is used for the gold decoration part.
   The painting looks more amazing with the
   addition of gold leaf.

Polystone is a compound made up largely of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives that give it added weight and the porcelain or "stone-like" feel that results in the materials' name it.
Polystone is durable and highly effective at maintaining a sharp paint finish.
The net weight of the product is approx. 7 kg.

The reproduction of Kaminarimon is done with the composition of more than 200 parts.
All the parts are created by molding it.
All the molded parts are polished, painted and beautifully assembled for the delivery.

The original gate “Kaminarimon” was erected in 942 but burned down several times over the centuries.
This gate was first built by the “Taira no Kinmasa”, a military commander.
It was originally located near Komagata, but it was reconstructed in its current location in 1635.

Also, the current main gate was built in 1960 in a traditional form with the donation byMatushita Konoshuke, who was the founder of Matushita Electric Co., LTD.
The “Asakusa Kannon Temple- the Thunder Gate” has become a familiar gate among many tourists visiting Japan.
This thunder gate was famous among many people in the ancient time also.
Nowadays, the gate with its lantern and statues are popular among the visitors from many countries.
It has become a symbol of Tokyo (Japan).

The Kaminarimon consists of the two protective Buddhist deities Fujin (wind god) and Raijin (thunder god), where these two deities helps in removing the storm and flood damage, brings peaceful and tranquil to the society.
Also, these two protective deities are carefully reproduced and painting is done with the combination of various color tones and textures.

  An exclusive storage case is attached
      (including serial number)

   “Kaminarimon” model is developed by the
   professionals and it will be delivered in a proper
   exclusive box with safety. This product can be
   beautifully displayed as soon as it is taken out
   from the box. There is no need of the assembly
   of the product.

  Kaminarimon- Thunder Gate of Japan
     Limited Manufacture to 30 pcs

   UNIT PRICE: 185,000 JPY (approx. $1,805;
   Net Weight: approx. 7 kg/Made in Japan
   Full Size: W 37.5 cm x D 27 cm x H 24.5 cm
   (including the base)
   Material: Polystone, metal, paper, gold leaf, etc.
   Attachments: Nameplate "銘 浅草寺 雷門"
   an exclusive storage case.

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