Questions & Answers


We put some useful answers here which our customers ask frequently.


1. How do you package the item? Is it safe for the international shipping?

A: Here is an introduction of how we package the figures.
We must mention that it is dangerous to deliver our products internationally, because polystone is a good material but also fragile. We try
our best to make qualify packages, but please always be aware about the risk when you order our figure products.


This invoice (for customs officers' checking) will be attached together in the pouch with other invoices and pasted on the outside of the package.




2. I want the item No. xxx badly, but your site shows it is sold out.   

    Can you tell me how to get it?

A: Generally the items under the Sold Out category will not be available again.

However, you will be able to get it by some chances.

(1) The item is a pre-order one.

When the products are finished and get ready for shipping, there may have several pieces left. The reason is some cusomters will cancel their order at the last time, or we might end the pre-order period before the item is really sold out.
If you want to get a pre-order item which is sold out, please contact us by e-mail. We will put your name to the "Waiting List", and once there is any piece avaiable, we will contact you as soon as possible.

(2) The item is re-in stock

Sometimes we will keep several pieces of one item in our warehouse. They are exchange ones prepared for solving the damage cases.
But damage cases do not happen every time, and the exchange ones just left there, waiting us to find a time to sell them again as a warehouse clearance.
However, the time for us to do such a clearance is not fixed. You need to follow our newsletter and act quickly to get the item.
Usually the re-in stock items are out of serial numbers counting.  We will do some changes on the item, like repainting and a new nameplate, in order to make a distinction to the original version which is under a limited quantity.

(3) The item is re-painted

If one item is selling well, and if many of our customers ask us to do a repainting for the item, we will surely consider to repaint the item as a new version.
Therefore if you wish to get a sold out item, please go to the product page and send us inquiry mark as "Repainting Request".
We will also mark the number of repainting requests we received from our customers on the page.

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