[!! Important]Notice of Change in Shipping Method,Shipping Cost,Handling fee


Dear customers,


We are pleased to inform you of the changes in shipping and handling charges due to the change in shipping method.

We have used EMS for shipment, but recently there have been a number of problems with them, such as sending back the product to us without proper reason or giving up delivery to our customers without proper reason/without any notification to our customers. In addition, when problems occur, EMS does not work on to resolve them at all.
With all the situations, we have decided to discontinue using EMS.  In order to ensure delivery of our products to our customers, we will use DHL from June 10, 2023. We applogize for this sudden change.

DHL is a little more expensive than EMS but DHL is more attentive to our needs and will take care of any problems of shipping.

We are in the process of compiling a list of DHL shipping fees.  Below is the part of them for your reference.


*More deteal>Why we not use EMS?



DHL Shipping & Handling Cost Check List

For more information on regional classification, please click here.

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 **2023.06.21 Partially revised.


In addition, Handling fee changes will be as follows.

CategoryHandling fees
Accessories1000 JPY / per shipment
Statues3000 JPY / per shipment


We will continue to make every effort to improve our services.

Thank you your understand.


Best Regards,



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