<Why we not use EMS?> 2022.06.21


In recent months, we experienced lots of problems with EMS.
They returned the products to us many times without trying to deliver to our customers, insisting that our customers rejected to receive them.


Our customers never rejected receipt and did not even receive any contact from EMS.
We negotiated with EMS again and again but they did not work on to resolve problems at all, just telling it is the customer’s fault.

Our customers could not receive the products and could not get refund of the shipping charge.
After the products were returned to us, we had to arrange re-shipment and another
shipping cost was charged.
This is one case but all the problems occurred due to EMS’s poor service system but they just insisted all was our customer’s fault.


We consulted with Tokyo Customs Office and Trade Organization about the problems
and got strong suggestion to stop using EMS immediately and use professional shipping company, like DHL or Fedex.
They know how poor EMS’s service is because they have received similar claims from
many other companies.


In order to secure delivery of our products to our customers, we decided to use other
shipping company except EMS.
This time, we chose DHL because they offered the best price.

We apologize again for confusing you a lot.
We will continue negotiating and searching best shipping service.
Your kind understanding would be appreciated.


If you have any questions, please let us know.




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