Coupon System

We will offer coupons to some customers for some specific reason.
For example: customers who feedback to our questionnaire.

How to use the coupon:

  1. Go into the order/pre-order process.
  2. When you are at "STEP 4 Confirm", there is a blank for customer to input the "Coupon Code".
  3. Input the "Coupon Code" we offered, and click "Apply Discount" below.
  4. The total amount of the purchase will be changed.
  5. If there is any problem, please stop the purchase and contact us first.


Notice: We are not able to use the coupon instead for any customer.
Please use the coupon when ordering the item from our homepage.
Please keep the Coupon Number and use it before expiration.


Points System

  1.  We offer 500 Points for every new register.  
  2.  Every customer should not have over one account.  
  3.  All points will gone if customer do not purchase anything from this site for over 3 years.  
  4.  For bank transfers, 4% of the product total is given in points. (Gold members and above) Regular members receive 2% points.
  5.  For credit cards, there is no point redemption.
  6.  Shipping & Handling cost will not be calculated for returning points.  
  7.  For every purchase, customer can use points from 100 p to 100000 p.  
  8.  Sometimes Extra Points will be added for campaigns or new product release, please take the chances.  


 *2022.07.02  >>  Notification of Shipping Fee Revision / Point and Customer Rank system




We started to use this new customers' ranking standard from January, 2015.

Due to the price increase of raw materials and changes in the company structure, the membership system has been partially revised. (2022.07.16)

Please log in to this website and check presonal rank in "My Page".


Customer RankingNormal CustomerGold CustomerPlatinum CustomerDiamond Customer
ConditionRegister an account

Last year purchased:

over 200,000 JPY

Last year purchased:

over 400,000 JPY

Secret Condition 

Points Return Level

 The method of awarding points differs depending on the payment method.

 Bank transfer: 4% of the purchase price is given as points.
 Credit card payment: No points are awarded.

Free Repainting ServiceExtra blood effect (factory)

Extra blood effect (factory)


Extra dust effect (factory)

Advance Reservations

 Due to changes in the company structure, it is difficult to respond to individual requests,

 so we will send an e-mail notification when the time is right.

 (Please note that we do not guarantee that you will receive an advance reservation.)


Free Repainting Service can be used on only 1 pcs of the pre-order item every time.

If we receive reservations for more than 50 pieces per person, we can consult with you about special painting and take your order.

Free Repainting Service is only available for Platinum and Diamond (P & D) Customers.
We do not accept any extra repainting request from Normal Customers or Gold Customers.
Thank you very much for kind understanding.

Platinum customers can choose the following options : Extra blood effect (factory)

Diamond customers can choose either of the following options :

  1. ) Extra blood effect (factory)
  2. ) Extra dust effect (factory)


*If both are desired, an additional fee will be charged.

*Artist painting in Japan will be charged separately.


Please choose effects from the above after pre-order a figure item.


If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us from "Inquiries" at any time.




Berserk, Figure, For Honor, Statue