This work represents the most famous scene at the Battle of
   "Kawanajima" which is famous for its fierceness. Fighting in the
   vanguard, Uesugi Kensin unbelievably dashed into Shigen's main
   camp with only a few troops. Most efforts have been made to
   recreate the vivid feeling of the twinkle when Kensin waved
   around his sword at his rival on the moving horse. Kensin
   believed deeply in Buddhism and even thought himself the
   incarnation of Buddha. In order to represent Kensin's
   magnetism, we have recreated the special sword which has no
   shell. Only people who do not have fear being hurt will use a
   sword without shell, the part of a sword that protects one's hand
   from rival's sword. On the base of the item, you can see Kensin's
   symbol word which was painted on the troops' flag.

Product Information

Unit Price: 22,000 JPY (approx. $194; €173)
Size: W155×D60×H155(mm)
Limited Manufacture to 100 pcs
Net Weight: approx. 600 gm
Material: Polystone
Created & Manufactured by: KENSIN Co., LTD/Made in Japan

   The main characteristics of Kensin's gold leaf helmet is the distinctive gold
   helmet treasured in Uesugi Shrine in Yonezewa city, Yamagata Prefecture.
   This gold helmet is the figurative reference of the hat shape and also the
   materials looks like leather.Uesugi Kensin's helmet is produced from the
   real treasured hat and a miniature helmet is produced.

   We have been using the same gold leaf from the treasured helmet. This
   gold leaf is not mix of any other item. Therefore, it is said that it is difficult
   in change of color from the gold leaf color. The real texture of the gold can
   be felt because the craftsman carefully puts the gold leaf one by one in the

*The sword of the Uesugi Kensin is a thin wraped shape which does not have collar on it.
*The collar word of sword is the sword which is bold in shape and there is no sharpness in the sword. Even it is touched with hand, it is safe as there is no sharpness in the sword.

   Kawanajima Battle

   There was a biggest battle between Uesugi Kensin and Takeda
   Shingen.Kensin nearly defeated Takeda Shingen. However,
   kensin rode uo to Shingen . and smashed with his sword. The
   exhibition of both Uesugi Kensin and Takeda Shingen, there can
   be the real feeling of the history of the battle.

   What is historical statue?

   The historical statue is the elaboration of the three dimensional
   images.All the items started to get popular among adults as
   "King of Hobby" in Europe. It was spread in Europe as of great
   royalty and titled nobility.On 2007, for the first time in Japan,
   Kensin Co., Ltd developed and offers the first historical figure and
   armor customes. All the molding and the repainting is done one by
   one by our craftsman. There is also a strict supervision molding and
   color painting of the item.

   Mr. Hiromichi Miura-Advisor and Prior Managing

   Development Co-operation for Uesugi Kensin, The Association
   for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor.
   In 1969, Appointed as Recommended Armorer by the Association for
   the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor,
   In 1975, Conducted repairs and restoration to a piece of Japanese
   armor that was presented by Tokugawa leyasu to King James I
   that is stored in the Tower of Museum.

   All the items are hand-painted

   All the items are hand-made and our skillful artisans paint the item
   carefully one by one. The prototype is produced in Japan. The
   evaluation is done carefully to the item and based on the strict
   supervision the changed are made to the item. This is how the
   prototype is completed.

Berserk, Figure, For Honor, Statue