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No. 214 Guts: Black Swordsman PVC/ Limited Splashing Blood Version *Sold out!

No. 214 Guts: Black Swordsman PVC/ Limited Splashing Blood Version *Sold out!

Unit Price: 12,800JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

"Guts: Black Swordsman PVC/ Limited Splashing Blood Version" is the 2nd project of Guts: Black Swordsman/ Battle Damage Splatter, which is our previous product (Code No. 161).

"Guts: Black Swordsman PVC/ Splashing Blood Version" is different from our previous product, cause we colored the sword, body, and base part with splashing blood. Thus, this product represents the lively feeling when Guts got blood over his whole body in battle.

In addition, AOW produced this product by applying a new type of mold, which is also used on the previous limited version. High quality armor has been has been made, just like a Polystone statue; there are rarely remained traces of parting line which usually can be found on PVC items. And since we increased the proportion of hard ABS material in some parts, such as the sword, mantle and Guts's legs, the quality of this product has been improved compared with general PVC products.

As the result, the hard and sharp feeling of the armor has been realized, and the streaming shape of Guts's mantle (25cm width) also been faithfully reproduced from the original story.

* Limited up to 500 pieces worldwide.
Unit Price: 12,800 Japanese yen (tax excluded)
Size: 26.5 cm (H) x 23.5 cm (W) x 21.7 cm (D) (base included)
Material: PVC, ABS, and Metal
Originated & manufactured by ART OF WAR
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