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No. 199 Houma -Apostles of New Hawks-Exclusive set of 4 *Sold out!

No. 199 Houma -Apostles of New Hawks-Exclusive set of 4 *Sold out!

Unit Price: 130,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Repaint Requests: 1

Originated from Berserk chapter no.298 "Houma"

When Ganishka had transformed to Huge monster, the new Hawks began to attack at Griffith's command "Houma"(it means "Release Demon")
With his voice as a start, Apostles soldiers and Ganishka went into war at the the battlefield beyond human knowledge.
This exclusive set can replicate Apostles of the New Hawks. Irvine and Locus is the first molding of Apostle type, and also it is first time to mold Grunberd with whole-body. After join of transformed Zodd, main characters of new Hawks are all present.

As special supplements for the exclusive ver., Femto(incarnation of Griffith, lord of the New Hawks) and monster form of Ganishka will be attached. With these exclusive set, . the scene of the battlefield with Ganishka will be completed perfectly.

*It is only chance to possess this Femto who is essential character with the new Hawks, not only Femto but also Ganishka will not be released as single item.

Apostle : Grunberd
Grunberd, Apostle who has huge body is molded with 33cm length.
He is a "fire dragon" to the letter, color expression of Grunberd should be vivid as his body is blazing into flames. And to represent his material feeling of crystal stones, we used special clear resin and finished with gradation of color. His claws are deep reddish brown, and you can see color gradation of his body being orange and red such as fire flashing. As the result, the item has not only dynamic body but also fine effects of light and shade. To represent his unique body like assemble of ores, every single crystal has different shape.

Irvine(Special coloring for the exclusive set)
Apostle Irvine, hunter of the woods looks like Centaurs. Coloring of the exclusive ver. managed to represent his mysterious atmosphere as well. Considering balance of the other 3 apostles, base color of his body is light blue and green. And silver has been adopted to put the accent on his body and face. As the result, the statue has been finished with firm features.

Moonlight knight, Locus transforms with all of his armor and his horse. He is one of the most unique characters from Mr. Miura. ART OF WAR represented this sharp, unprecedented figure of Apostle type Locus. To burnish surface of his metal-like body, we polish the molding with sandpaper 4 times. Every single edge molded perfectly even though some parts of molding was hard to approach sandpaper, so the item has been finished with beautiful body, looking as if there are coating of iron on the surface of the item. It is very hard to show the customers with image pictures, We accented with deep color on silver body to avoid monotonous painting. Length of his long spear is 36cm, compelling parts of the statue.

Zodd(Exclusive bloodstained ver.)
Exclusive ver. of Zodd is bloodstained, showing him off to advantage.
Zodd has the most energetic pose from all of 4 statues, his snarled face dares not to be ignored. Material feeling of his claws of spread hands, and hard hair as wild animals has been represented in details.
*This is ART OF WAR's production perfected under its new production line, where only veteran handicraftsmen are gathered together, doing their job at the aim of the production of only one items.

Limited manufacture to 50 set
Unit Price: 130,000 JAPANESE YEN (tax excluded)
Attachment: Femto , Ganishka, serial No. plate(No.001-050)
Size: Non-Scale
Grunberd W21.5xD33xH13.5(cm)
Irvine W13xD25xH12(cm)
Locus W8xD36xH19.5(cm)
Femto statue(H13)
Material: Polystone, Metal, Wood and gold leaf (Serial No. plate)
Originated & manufactured by ART OF WAR
Planned Release Time: January-February, 2010

Shipping and Handling Costs (via EMS only and in Japanese Yen):

Area 1 -Y19,500
Area 2 -Y26,200
Area 3 -Y30,000
Area 4 ?Y50,000

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