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No. 182 Beherit "Eclipse and Imperial Ball "Exclusive 2 Pieces set - 2008 Version *Sold Out!!

No. 182 Beherit "Eclipse and Imperial Ball "Exclusive 2 Pieces set - 2008 Version *Sold Out!!

Unit Price: 5,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 500g

Sold Out!!

This product was released on 2008 by ART OF WAR

Grief face summoning the God hand "Eclipse"
Particular Beherit for chosen people "Imperial Ball."

*Comes with strings attached to the Beherit as can be seen in the other picture.

This is an exclusive set for ART OF WAR, both "Eclipse" &"Imperial Ball" have renewal red color with Antique-gold colored metal fittings. Limited up to 200 set.

Coloring of this item is vermilion red which is image of blood drop. To avoid monotone, the item has been finished one by one with dry-brushing so that it represents a graduation of coloring and genuine feel of the material. The item is production perfected under its new production line, so it can express a vivid life force more than our past items of Behelit.

Limited item up to 200 set
Unit Price: 5,000 JAPANESE YEN (tax excluded)
Size: Height x Body Diameter = 44 x 24 mm (String is approx. 32cm ~ 35 cm long)
Material: Polystone, leather, metal fittings
Antique gold coloring on the metal fittings
Originated & manufactured by ART OF WAR
Estimated Delivery Date: 3-7 days after the confirmation of payment.

Shipping and Handling Costs (via EMS only and in Japanese Yen):

Area 1 - 1,900 JPY
Area 2 - 2,500 JPY
Area 3 - 2,700 JPY
Area 4 - 3,900 JPY

*The pictures are only image.