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No. 161 Guts:Black Swordsman*limited version

No. 161 Guts:Black Swordsman*limited version

Unit Price: 12,800JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 2500g

This time, ART OF WAR used a brand new type of mold with much higher accuracy to produce the new Black Swordsman PVC statue. As a result, creation of the minute details and powerful mantle turned to be possible. By increasing the proportion of hard ABS material in parts like the sword, mantle and Guts' legs, lines sharper than ever before have been realized. Regarding the color of Guts' armor, our plastic artist spent almost 2 times the time expected to recreate the cool metallic feeling of a real armor, what had an effort that the delivery date of the item be postponed ultimately...

ART OF WAR's limited version this time is blood splashed and battle damaged, which well implies Guts' tough journey filled with life-and- death struggles and matches the dark and solid atmosphere of the original comics as well.

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"We were speechless,when we unpacked the figure. There are so many details to see! And the colours look fantastic! We are very happy to got one of those great figures : )" by Nicole Fr?hli

Limited manufacture to 300 pieces
Unit Price: 12,800 JAPANESE YEN(tax excluded)
Size: 26.5 cm (H) x 23.5 cm (W) x 21.7 cm (D) (base included)
Material: PVC, ABS, metal
Originated & manufactured by ART OF WAR
Release Time: December 26, 2007

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