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No.278 Berserk iPhone Case -Beherit-

No.278 Berserk iPhone Case -Beherit-

Unit Price: 1,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 300g

Estimated deliver date: around 20 days after the confirmation of payment.

Order Beherit related item/items over 10,000 JPY and we can send this item together to you as present freely.

Following the Berserk iPhone Case "Brand", we have created a second iPhone case based on the "Beherit", the emblem of Berserk. Our designers chose to place the Beherit emblem in the center of the case. This eye-catching design makes you feel you are holding the live Beherit in your hand. In addition, the vertical vivid red line provides a strong accent point for the overall design.

This slim-fitting hard case, made from durable polycarbonate that covers the back and sides, will protect your iPhone from scratches, fingerprints, and damage. Moreover, it provides an additional layer of protection which helps prevent your iPhone from slipping out of your hands. .

This product is designed to accompany the iPhone case "Brand". Purchase them together to enhance your experience of Beserk iPhone cases all the more.

Berserk iPhone Case "Beherit" (for iPhone 4/ 4S)

Unit Price: 2,500 Yen (tax excluded)
Sale Price: 980 Yen
Material: Polycarbonate
Size: 60 mm (W) x 116 mm (H) x 10 mm (D)
Color: Black
Designed by ART OF WAR
Made in Japan
Estimated deliver date: around 20 days after the confirmation of payment

EMS Shipping and Handling Costs (Japanese Yen)

Area 1 (Asia)- Y 1,400
Area 2 (USA, Canada, & Australia)- Y 1,700
Area 3 (EU Countries)- Y 2,000
Area 4 (South America)- Y 2,200

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