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No. 118 Guts & Slan: God Hand *Sold Out!!

No. 118 Guts & Slan: God Hand *Sold Out!!

Unit Price: 36,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Repaint Requests: 2

Originated in the Berserk comics Chapter 219, Millennium Falcon-The Border of Hell. Wounded Guts was caught by female member of God Hand...

Powerless Guts has been caught by temptress-God Hand Slan. The whole statue is fully enclosed with sharpness of wing and depicts atmosphere of horror and darkness. Slan is detailed with a beautiful body figure and glamorous facial expression. Exclusive base is full expression of internal organs that embody powerless Guts. Dragging fatally wounded and powerless body, Guts is totally vulnerable to absolute power of God Hand. But he is never separated from his dragon slayer...

It is fully the most exquisite piece of colorful arts work. You are highly recommended to feel and touch the whole statue at all bearings. Exclusive serial number plate is enclosed in each package.

Limited to 300 units only
Complementary: Exclusive serial number plate (No. 1 to No. 300)
Material: Polystone
Size: 19.5 cm (H) x 21.5 cm (W) x 22 cm (D) (1/10 scale)
Weight: approximately 1350g
Originated with: ART OF WAR

Shipping and Handling Costs (via EMS only and in Japanese Yen):

Area 1 -Y 6,500
Area 2 -Y 8,500
Area 3 -Y 9,600
Area 4 ?Y 15,500

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