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No. 342 Guts -The Spinning Cannon Slice- 1/6 Scale Standard Version *Sold out*

No. 342 Guts -The Spinning Cannon Slice- 1/6 Scale Standard Version *Sold out*

Unit Price: 95,000JPY

Weight: 7700g

Pre-order item
Limited to 44 pieces
Edition: Limited Version 2 without Bonus

1,000 JPY off for pre-orders before May 31st

The Spinning Cannon Slice is a combined movement of a blow of Guts’ sword Dragon Slayer and the cannon that bears on his left arm. The sculpture refers to the scene where Guts uses this skill against the tentacle monsters of the ghost ship in one of the last arcs of the manga.

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Product Description
This time, we tried a new colour on Guts’s underwear and it is painted at a leather image.
The base colour of the armor is in silver, so it is in contrast at the highlight parts and the parts in shadow, this reconciliation gives the armor a metal feeling and beautiful than before.
It is a 1/6 big scale new model. The Cannon and the mantle, the bags and the knives, all are drastically detailed to show the real image of Guts, the black swordsman.
From the interlaced red and blue dirty blood effect on the sword, the scratches on the deck of the ship, although this is not an action figure, you can still feel the power of the Dragon Slayer and the feelings on the weird Phantom ship.

ART OF WAR always aims at producing the best quality figures, and specializes in recreating the characters from Berserk, especially heroes at the battle scenes.
Figures are made by material called "Polystone". Polystone is a compound made up largely of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives.
This material effectively adds heaviness and stone-like feelings to the figure.
Compared to PVC or ABS, Polystone is durable at maintaining the paintings and the modeling.

Every piece of ART OF WAR works are hand painted by artisans with master brush painting skills.
The blood and dust effects, the metallic luster and the complex color expressions are painted by over hundreds steps and hours.
Every finished piece is an art to reproduce the original world and delivery it to customers.

Product Informaion
Guts 1/6 Scale -The Spinning Cannon Slice- Limited version 2
Unit price: 95,000 Yen (approx. $936/ €683)
Size: approx.W33cm x D38cm x H25cm (sword and base included)
Attachment: serial number nameplate No. 89~132
Material: Polystone, metal
Released Date: May, 2014
Created & Manufactured by ART OF WAR
Estimate delivery date: around September - October, 2014.

Installment Plan
First Payment: 35,000 JPY in 7 days after pre-order
Second Payment: 35,000 JPY in 37 days after pre-order
Third Payment: 25,000 JPY in 67 days after pre-order
Forth Payment: shipping cost around the late August

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