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Japanese Ninja Sword -Sakura Guardian Katana-

Japanese Ninja Sword -Sakura Guardian Katana-

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Weight: 1500g

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Sakura Guardian sword means the sword is made for guardian yourself, and the lacquer black sheath is decorated with Sakura, the symbol of Japanese.

Kind of this guardian sword is hold by Japanese as a prayer for family safety and luck.
This sword is also one kind of the Ninja sword which used by female Ninja in the past Japan legend.
It is made by skillful Japanese katana making craftsmen.

*This sword is not sharpened; you cannot use it to cut things.

Product Information

Size: 70cm (Length)

Packaged size: 9cm x 75 cm x 4 cm

Weight: 600g

Material: zinc alloy (blade), Japanese white bark magnolia (Sheath)

Made in Gifu, Japan

Seller: KENSIN Co., LTD