Samurai Hand Towel - "Rokumunsen"- Symbol of Sanada Yukimura *New Release

Samurai Hand Towel - "Rokumunsen"- Symbol of Sanada Yukimura *New Release

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Weight: 300g


Product Description

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Product Description

This item is an original Japanese hand towel (Tenugui) which is handmade by skillful Japanese artisan by using the traditional workmanship from Edo period.
"Rokumunsen"(Six Japanese traditional coins)-Family crest of Sanada Yukimura.

The item is designed with the pattern of six coins intentionally cracked to emphasize the candidness and force in it.
Deep reddish brown color will match well not only Oriental-style but also western-style.
Decorating two scrolls side by side also will be one of good idea while whole pattern of six coins can be seen by setting the scrolls.

Product Information

Size: approx. 40cm (H)x 100cm (W)
Weight: 80g
Material: cotton 100% (made in Japan), wood, cord
Special Bonus: Samurai family crests Post Card set.
*This special offer will stop without notification once the card set all be sent to buyers.

*Image only.

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