Japanese Samurai Hand Towel - Chinese Character "Dragon"-

Japanese Samurai Hand Towel - Chinese Character "Dragon"-

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Weight: 300g


Product Description

Product Description

*Great for interiors and probably symbolizes the epitome of contemporary Japanese Wabi-Sabi Design

This listing is high-class, top design Japanese Banner - TENOGUI - designed by Art of waR ourselves. So simple yet so poweful.

In ancient China, dragon was the symbol of Emperor. In Japan, dragon has been worshipped as the God of sea. Uesugi Kenshin, who is the Daimyo of Echigo area in Japan’s Warring States Period, used the Chinese character “Dragon” on the colors when he launched all-out attacks on the enemies to raise the morale of his troops for the great power being felt from the character and a believe that God dwells in it.

We are now offering a piece of true Wabi-sabi taste item - great to complement your interiors or abode in a peaceful and simple design. Please take note that the acrylic frame is not included but is highly-suggested to be hanged as such and for display in living rooms or even for Japanese design shops or restaurants. Truly a Japonisme symbol to remind you of the highest discipline and arts refined during the Warring States period of Japan where the Samurai, along with the Buddhist and Shinto history of Japan, perfected the base of contemporary Japanese art and design.

Hand towel or TENOGUI became popular in Japan with the spread of use of cotton in the Edo period. Among the hand towels made that time, those made by Edo artisans with patterns of ukiyo-e and kabuki were especially appreciated for their refined design.

This item is hand perfected by EDO SHOKUNIN or Edo artisan/craftsmen who has long carried over the traditional Edo workmanship style and techniques. Each piece is died layer by layer and all are handmade. Original pattern has been sculpted for this design.

On the left corner of the towel, the artist’s (Kenshin Art of waR) seal has been stamped one by one by hand. Also the contrastive colors of vermilion and navy have been dyed skillfully by hand-work.

As a daily necessity, although hand towels are very useful with its high absorbency but they are also widely used as interior goods or wrapping material.

Product Information

Size: 32cm (H)x 102cm (W)
Weight: 40g
Material: cotton 100% (made in Japan - Handmade)

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Berserk, Figure, For Honor, Statue