Japanese Handkerchief - "Bi" Symbol of Uesugi Kensin*Sold Out!!

Japanese Handkerchief - "Bi" Symbol of Uesugi Kensin*Sold Out!!

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Weight: 300g


Product Description

1. Product Introduction

This handkerchief is made with white unbleached cotton cloth, and black circle "Enso" which is image of Japanese calligraphy.

Since the old time of Japan, there has been a deep meaning in "Enso" Circle written by Zen Buddhists.

"Enso" symbolizes spiritual awakening, the universe, and also "void" which is the innermost secrets of Zen so that only true Zen Buddhists can attain that stained of mind.

We have chosen this simple circle from Zen to represent old Japanese design with deep meaning.

2. Embroidery "Bi"- Vaisravana (Bishamonten)

Chinese character "Bi" is embroidered on the cloth. The character is written in the camp flag of Uesugi Kensin,

general of Echigo in the Warring States Period (Senkoku). "Bi" means Vaisravana, guardian of the northern direction.

And the camp flag with "Bi" had been flaunting in headquarters of Uesugi Kensin. We avoid snow-white to express image of Battle areas' flag,

so color of the cloth have become unbleached white color with black embroidery.

This item is hand perfected with Japanese traditional hand-print technique.

Dyeing technique of Japan is the highest level in the world, and it is famous for delicate patterns in detail.

This handkerchief also expresses energy of the calligraphy with old Japanese works.

3. Product Infomation

Size: 45cm (H) x 45cm (W)

Weight: 20g

Material: cotton 100% cloth, rayon embroidery thread

Made in Japan

Originated & Manufactured: KENSIN Co., LTD

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