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Samurai Hand Towel -"Ai"- Symbol of Naoe Kanetsugu

Samurai Hand Towel -"Ai"- Symbol of Naoe Kanetsugu

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Weight: 300g

Product Description

Naoe Kanetsugu was a resourceful general and great supporter of Uesugi clan.
He defended Uesugi clan after defeat of Sekigahara war with his motto "Justice" which was faith of Uesugi Kenshin. His ability was recognized by not only Toyotomi Hideyoshi but also Tokugawa Ieyasu, though Kanetsugu was a mere vassal of Uesugi clan.
Moreover, Kanetsugu never obeyed against injustice demand and thrust a challenge at Ieyasu who was reigning over the whole country.
Kanetsugu's Kabuto is famous for its ornament shaping Chinese letter "Ai".
A single letter "Ai" means "love" in today, but probably the letter of this ornament was originated from the initial letter of Atago-gongen. Atago-gongen is god of war so carrying with the letter meant the god should protect him.
This hand towel is very uniquely designed with the dynamic letter "Ai" on the cloth with a cloud pattern.
In ancient Asia, the cloud was believed to be chariot of gods, and the pattern of the item has powerful line so that it looks as if Chinese dragon coiling itself up.

This item is an original Japanese hand towel (Tenugui) which is handmade by skillful Japanese artisan by using the traditional workmanship from Edo period.

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