"Fujinraijin" (Wind god and Thunder God) -Lithograph by Toya Katsutoshi-

"Fujinraijin" (Wind god and Thunder God) -Lithograph by Toya Katsutoshi-

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Product Description

"Fujin Raijin" is a painting origin by Tawaraya Soutatsu, it is a Japanese masterpiece which impresses people who ever have seen it with superior composition, power of expression and novel technique in detail.
Original one is drawn by Tawaraya Soutatsu, and several artists of latter period such as Ogata Korin, Sakai Koitsu had tried to paint this legendary subject "Fujin and Raijin"-The God of wind and thunder. And Toya Katsutoshi also has faced a challenge to himself to complete the painting with respect for Soutatu.

*This article is a lithograph of the two paintings of Fujin, and Raijin. The original pictures are very big(W73~H91cm for each piece), but we shortened 2 pictures and combined in one piece so that this article can be enjoyed easily. Only 50 pieces will be released. The painting was complied under the supervision of Toya himself, this lithograph substantially replicates the gorgeous colors of original painting.

Size: W55 x H75(frame included)
Technique: lithograph
Limited in 50 pieces serial number, and an artist's signature and seal is settled.
Delivery period: About 1 month after the new order
Attachment: Picture frame.

*Biography of Toya Katsutoshi

Born in 1965 in Tokyo, Japan.
1992 Master of Crafts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo, Japan.
Released articles on the theme in culture and aesthetic sense of Sengoku Period.
Held a lot of group and one-man exhibitions in Japan.
Illustrated a lot of historical novels ("Nobunaga" by Shun Akiyama, "A man of huge eyes""Saigo Takamori" by You Tsumoto, "Tenkajou" by Jou Sasaki, "Furinkazan" by Yasushi Inoue, etc.)
2007 Ilustrated "Sun of the ground, Sea of the sky" by Yasuo Uchida, a serial novel in the evening edition of Nikkei.
September, 2009 Being scheduled to hold exhibition on art gallery of Matsuya Ginza, Daimaru Tokyo, etc.
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