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No.333 Nosferatu *2013 Exclusive Version *Sold out*

No.333 Nosferatu *2013 Exclusive Version *Sold out*

Unit Price: 65,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 7000g

1 Piece Available.

Estimated Delivery Date: 3-5 business days after full payment.

[Nosferatu], the immortal one, monster be feared, his name is Zodd.

After the black swordsman Guts, this time we recreated Zodd the gNosferatuh. The origin for this item is from Berserk Volume 22, Chapter 179: The Beast Swordsman vs. The Black Swordsman. When Guts and Griffith meet again on the hill of swords, he could not wait to raise his sword toward Griffith. At that moment Zodd, the Nosteratu, holding two swords- Kushan Horse Cut Sword and the other one is a sword from the snow covered hill- comes out and fights for Griffith.
We spent much time to recreate this Zodd in human version. Since most of the images of Zodd are his bellicose monster type, to make a vivid battle scene in snow is really a challenge for our sculptor.
About the skin color of Zodd, we boldly used white colors this time in order to emphasis the scene of a white battle field. However, this marble like pale color will not faint the image of gNosferatuh, but every muscle shows his power and oppressive feelings as the immortal warrior.
The blood on the Kushan Horse Cut Sword is from Gutsf forehead, and the bloodstain on the white snow is from Zodd. We can even see the wonderful fighting between the best two swordsmen through this lifelike statue.

Nosferatu 2013 Exclusive version *Limited to 50 pieces
Unit price: 65,000 Yen (tax excluded) (approx. $667/ €499)
Material: Polystone, metal
Attachment: Ganishka's Head Paperweight
Serial Number Nameplate (No. 1~No. 50)
Originated & Manufactured by ART OF WAR
Estimate Delivery date: 3-5 business days
Size: (Non-Scale)
--Zodd single: 22 cm (H)
--Total: 30 cm (H) x 25 cm (W) x 20 cm (D)

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