Japanese Buddhism Art -Maitreya Buddha- (Miroku Bosatsu)

Japanese Buddhism Art -Maitreya Buddha- (Miroku Bosatsu)

Unit Price: 25,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 2000g


Product Description

Maitreya Buddha- (Miroku Bosatsu)

Focus on the delicate expression of Maitreya, the sculptor created this molding.

The "Seated Maitreya", by a beautiful seating gesture with fingers add on cheek softly,
and meditate with gentle smile, has captured Japanese people's heart from long time ago.

To recreate this beauty with modern views, and to show this Japanese Buddha to overseas,
we referred to the historical Buddha statue, made the classic face and the abstract body to a soft natural feeling.
Stay a while with him, you will feel the real Japanese beauty and gentleness.

Product Information

Unit Price: 25,000 JPY
Size: W73~D100~H160 mm
Net Weight: 360g
Weight with package: 1000g
Material: Poly stone
Attachement: Package case
Created & Manufactured by: KENSIN Co., LTD
Made in China

Estimated Delivery Date: 5-7 days after payment.

Shipping and Handling Costs:
*via EMS only
Area 1 (Asia) - 2,300 JPY
Area 2 (North America, Mideast, Oceania) - 2,900 JPY
Area 3 (EU Countries) - 3,300 JPY
Area 4 (South America, Africa) - 4,300 JPY

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