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No.340 Beherit Pendant -2014 Wood Carving Version- *Sold out*

No.340 Beherit Pendant -2014 Wood Carving Version- *Sold out*

Unit Price: 4,500JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 300g

Estimated Delivery Date: 3-7 days after payment.

As we received many enquires request a "wearable" and "useful" Beherit, we decided to release this Wood Carving version.
The model is same with the 2013 version, but the material has been changed to a very beautiful kind of nature wood called "Chinese Boxwood" --which has been praised as "beautiful like ivory".

The detailed parts, like the lip and the eyes, are been hand carved by our skillful artisan.

"Chinese Boxwood"
It is a quality wood material which is hard enough and suitable for detail sculpt, therefore it has been used in hundreds years as good carving materials.
The fine-grained pattern is beautiful, and the nice feeling will come out gradually after it accompanies with you for some time.
Also, it is very light; you will not feel any heaviness of it.

Since the material is nature wood, the pattern of wood will be different with the sample picture. And every piece will have a different wood pattern. Please kindly note that we will send the item randomly and the pattern cannot be chose.

*Image only
©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha

Product Information

Product Size approx. 42cm / Length of Strap: approx. 42cm (adjuster: 6cm)
Attachments with black storage box
Materials Chinese Boxwood, metal, rubber
Estimated Delivery Date August, 2014
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Released Date April, 2014