Samurai Antique Armor -Echu Zunari Kabuto & Half-face Menpo

Samurai Antique Armor -Echu Zunari Kabuto & Half-face Menpo

Unit Price: 1,500,000JPY

Weight: 5000g


Product Description

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1. Product Description

This item is made around the Senkoku period. The Kabuto shape is match with human head, so called "Zunari", means head shape.
This kind of Kabuto has been used widely during Senkoku period, because the cost for making it is cheaper and there are so many battles at that time.
"Echu" is the acient name for the area in the middle of Japan.
This item is an inheritance from Ii (井伊家) , one of the 4 famous families under Tokugawa Regime.
It is very precious nowadays and therefore the price is much higher than other antique Kabutos.

2. Product Information

Age of this item:
Momoyama Period (1568-1600)

Estimated Handling Date: 15-20 business days after we confirm the payment. (We will need to order cardboards in suitable size. The item will be double packaged.)
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2. We will help you to get the compensation from Japan post only if you can get the “Damage Report” from your local office.
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