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No.379 Griffith: The Battle for Doldrey 1/10 scale *Limited Version 2 *Pre-order Ended *Sold out*

No.379 Griffith: The Battle for Doldrey 1/10 scale *Limited Version 2 *Pre-order Ended *Sold out*

Unit Price: 95,000JPY

Last 3 pcs Available for overseas customers!!

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56 cm high 1/10 scale statue.
Renewal for the initial masterpiece Griffith: Horse Riding

Our sculptor spent months on the refinement of the early masterpiece “Griffith Horse Riding Sculpture”. This is the only garage kit which has not been remolded as a 1/10 scale statue. Every little part has been carefully improved and the entire statue is in a perfect sense of balance and vitality.
The rock pedestal part has been remolded to enhance a dynamic representation that does not taste at an early kit. The mantle waves, armor of the horse, and other detail parts also have been well refined. All the efforts make this statue reborn as a completely new work with vibrant and lively movement.

We have confidence that our artisans have the top-level skills on color performing, and it will be a great enjoyment on appreciating the subtle color changes of this statue, which is difficult to express clearly by pictures. The armor for Griffith and the horse has been painted like it was really used in the battles. See closer and you will find there are small scratches and abrasion marks. The riveting and the eye-protecting parts of the armor, the mantle and the white horse, the saddle and the belt, all details are differently painted and carefully combined in harmony. Take some time to enjoy this hand-painted 1/10 scale statue.

It was the best days of Hawk soldiers.
Doldrey, considered to be unbreakable, is one of the main border castles of Midland. Griffith commanded Guts and the Hawk soldiers to fight for Doldrey. Set the 2 statues of Guts and Griffith is a best combination to catch the battle feeling of Berserk world.

As a special bonus for this winter released statue, we choose the Muffler Puck petit figure as attachment this time. This mini figure is from one scene of the comic, and it is used for this time only.

Option for Red Mantle Edition Available Until December 25th
Since this item is released in 2014 X’ mas season, we specially offer this chance to get the red painted mantle of Griffith. Please check the picture before pre-order.
Please note:
1. This is a special option, therefore not free for platinum customers.
2. Option Price: plus 10,000 JPY will be added together to the shipping & handling cost.
*Choose red mantle + Settle the full payment before Dec. 20th = 5000 Extra Points Return

*The image is sample picture only.

Installment Plans

Plan A
1st Payment: 50,000 JPY in 7 days from the pre-order date
2nd Payment: 45,000 JPY in 37 days from the pre-order date
3rd Payment: Shipping & Handling Cost (+if red mantle option fee) around February

Plan B
1st Payment: 35,000 JPY in 7 days from the pre-order date
2nd Payment: 35,000 JPY in 37 days from the pre-order date
3rd Payment: 25,000 JPY in 67 days from the pre-order date
4th Payment: Shipping & Handling Cost (+if red mantle option fee) before March 20th

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Product Information

Unit Price 95,000 JPY
Attachments Serial Number nameplate
Serial Number No.56- No.80
Materials Polystone, PU & special poly in some parts to enhance elasticity.
Estimated Delivery Date February, 2015
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Released Date December, 2014
Copy Right ©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Retail Information Need Negotiation
Repaint Service for P & D Customer accepting