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No.394 Femto: The Birth/1:10 scale *Repaint Version*Sold Out!

No.394 Femto: The Birth/1:10 scale *Repaint Version*Sold Out!

Unit Price: 65,000JPY

New Year Repaint Release

Last 1 pcs from warehouse as a repaint edition.

Our artisans have carefully repainted the item upgrading the quality of the product.

Take tha last chance for this marvellous statue.

Estimated Delivery Date: around end of February, 2016

We plan to reproduce "Femto: The Birth" which also appears in the same scene from "The "Eclipse"". We will use the same model of "Femto: Rebirth" that was manufactured in 2014, utilizing different colors to create a new atmosphere .But, this time the image of the Femto is changed because of the blood dropping from the Beherit shell, eyes. Moreover, our artists will paint this piece reaching an entirely new high quality level of reproduction not previously attained. We are confident the realism and quality of this piece will re-engage your passion for "Femto: The Birth".

Use of Color

Our artisans will devote a lot of time repainting the statue to make it as close as possible to the original scene where Griffith sacrificed the Band of the Hawk and sucked their blood to become the fifth and final God Hand: Femto.

The biggest difference between the previous and the repainting version of "Femto: The Birth" statue is not only the color expression but also the different texture. The Beherit: Egg of the King shell has a rough and dry texture whereas the Femto will be cocooned in the center of the egg like a newly-born bird that is moist and sticky as shown by the delicate color gradations. The paint application on the base will vividly show the blood veins which makes the statue seem alive in every detail.

The Shell Form

The Birth of the Femto from the red-hot Beherit is one of the most dramatic scenes in Berserk. The Beherit shell will be painted in different shades of red, with a strong contrast between the inside and outside of the shell to emphasize the birth of the Femto from the darkness. The statue will be finished with delicate color gradations and a beautiful form.

When the Beherit shell breaks, the strong light and darkness symbolizes the Femto himself. The color of the Femto will be dark blue with purple accented metallic spots. His head and shoulder will glitter delicately, and the subtle gradation of color from his shoulder to the mantle will be carefully hand-crafted by our skillful artisans. And finally, the color from bottom to the top of his wing will become increasingly transparent with clearer blood veins. There is no doubt that this art piece will be one that brings out the best of our artisans' skills.

Looking at the rear of the statue you will be surprised by the strong details of the Berherit: Egg of the King shell. The color of the Beherit's eyes and lips will be greatly bring out the Beherit's complexion. You will see "Egg of the King" will have a realistic facial expression through its eyes, pupils, lips, and teeth. Moreover, as it will be created in a shell form, it makes the item easy to be enjoyed from any viewpoint. The finish on every part of the statue will be to the highest standard. We believe our effort with this artwork and the complexity of the paint application will allure you into the world of Berserk.


The size of the Femto is changed than the previous version. Also, the weight of the Femto has become more lighter than the last version. We have added more blood in the Beherit Shell. Also, there is addition of the sticky delication color gradations in the opening part of the Beherit. This time the Femto is made more bloody than the previous version making the Beherit shell color vivid. There is blood all over the eyes of the Beherit Shell making the figure more furious and bloody.

We have added much blood to the outer shell of the Femto. There is a flow of tears in form of blood through the eyes. There is also addition of glossy effect to the head of the Femto. There is a small drop of blood in the shoulder of the Femto. You will be impressed at this high level of paint application on the statue. This is only one last pcs from ART OF WAR. Please kindly grab this opportunity.

Femto: The Birth
Unit price: 65,000 Yen (approx. $555; €509)

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©Kentarou Miura/ Hakusensha

Product Information

Unit Price 65,000 JPY
Product Size 175 mm (H) x 135 mm (W) x 140 mm (D)
Attachments Base and Nameplate
Maximum Manufacture Limited to 30 pcs (*last 1 pcs offer as a new year repaint release)
Materials Polystone
Estimated Delivery Date around February, 2016
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Released Date January 16th, 2016
Copy Right ©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Cautions We do not accept cancellations in any case once the payment has been made, so please consider carefully before purchasing this item.