Classic Historical Statue - Uesugi Kensin in Kawanakajima Battle

Classic Historical Statue - Uesugi Kensin in Kawanakajima Battle

Unit Price: 15,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 2500g


Product Description

This works represents the most famous scene at the Battle of "Kawanakajima", which is famous for its fierceness. Fighting in the vanguard, Kensin unbelievably dashed into Singen's main camp with only a few troops. Most of our efforts have been made to recreate the vivid feeling of the twinkle when Kensin waved around his sword at his rival, Singen, on the moving horse.

Kensin believed deeply in Buddhism and even thought himself the incarnation of Buddha. In order to represent Kensin's magnetism, we have added golden color to Kensin's armor and clothes, meanwhile have recreated the special sword which has no shell. Only people who do not fear being hurt will use a sword without shell, which is the part of a sword protecting one's hand from rival's sword in battles. On the base of the works, you can see the Japanese word, which was Kensin's symbol painted on the troops' flag.

Of course you can fully amuse yourself with simply the statue of Kensin, while together with Singen's statue, the fighting scene can be represented completely and it will give you the feeling of being at a live performance.

Limited manufacture to 500, serial number nameplate attached
Unit Price: 15,000
Size: 90mm (base excluded)
Material: pewter, wood
Originated & manufactured by ART OF WAR
Release Time: 18 July, 2007

Shipping and Handling Cost:
(via EMS only)
Area 1 (Asia) - 4,500 JPY
Area 2 (North America, Mideast, Oceania) - 5,200 JPY
Area 3 (EU Countries) - 5,900 JPY
Area 4 (South America, Africa) - 9,500 JPY

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