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No. 415 Armored Berserk: Skull Helmet Version *Sold out*

No. 415 Armored Berserk: Skull Helmet Version *Sold out*

Unit Price: 125,000JPY

Weight: 10800g

Limited to 50 pcs only

Armored Berserk: Skull Helmet Version*Currently Accepting Cancellation Lists

Please kindly understand this item will not have bloody effect. If you wish to add the additional blood effect, please kindly purchase No.416 together with this item.
360 degree rotation:


Birth of Berserker (Originated from Volume 26- “Armored Berserk”)
Inheritance of Skull Helmet from Skull Knight will be the birth of Berserker.

Product Description

With the master of Schierke, an old friend of Skull Knight, due to enormous power the fetish of the Skull head is changed to a strong Skull helmet armor. This helmet is passed on to Guts who has been injured and is at the end stage of life. This scene is when the skull helmet armor is pass on to Guts which is the important armor that connects Geiseric and the Skull Knight. Guts wearing the skull knight armor are a protector, with the insertion of the armor in his body; his part of the body is changed and brings a major turning point in his life. After this, Guts is changed into “Berserker” which has gently increased his combat capability.

We were planning in the production of the Berserk 20th Anniversary with Skull Knight face model since the beginning, however, we were unable to bring the balance in the armor for this modeling. With a long planning and the time, we finally are able to reproduce this master piece.


The modeling of the item is the turning points of Guts as a Berserker, where the body part of armor is taken from “Berserk 2015”. The skull helmet is a complete new modeling with a greatly improved mantle which shows strongest part of the turning point. In order to match the skull helmet with the body part, we have been repeatedly working with the modeling of this item for more than one and half year. Finally, we are able to present a complete modeling which looks exactly same and quite real. In the original appearance of scene, Skull head face is almost not seen. Therefore, it was difficult for in the modeling of the three dimensional models of Skull head image. This was done by modeling Guts wolf face several times. Finally, with many failure attempts in modeling the head part, we were able to reach to bring the exact original scene of manga in product.

In addition, the features of mantle are modeling it in a larger image than that release in the past by emphasizing the feeling of “wave motion” and “life form” modeling. The cloak of the Berserker not only brings the feeling of cloth, however, there is an interpretation of the living life such as “biological motion” and “uneven organic spread” by putting more thickness to the mantle. Also, this time, in comparison to the work of 2015, it clearly expressed the size and movement of the product.
You are able to fully enjoy the difference by putting the wolf helmet and skull helmet in hand.

The whole items express comparative images of Armored Berserk, which persists top quality as that of statue of ART OF WAR.

Installment Plans

Plan A
First Payment: 62,500 JPY + 2,500 JPY (4% of 62,500 JPY as a PayPal charge) in 7 days after pre-order confirmed.
Second Payment: 62,500 JPY + 2,500 JPY (4% of 62,500 JPY as a PayPal charge) + Shipping & Handling Cost in 30 days after pre-order confirmed.

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Second Payment: 42,000 JPY + 1,680 JPY (4% of 42,000 JPY as a Paypal charge) in 30 days after pre-order confirmed.
Third Payment: 42,000 JPY + 1,680 JPY (4% of 42,000 JPY as a PayPal charge) +Shipping & Handling Cost in 60 days after pre-order confirmed.

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Product Information

Armored Berserk-Skull Helmet Version
Material: Polystone
Total Size: Non-Scale; 33cm (H)x 44.5 cm (W)x 64 cm (D) (base & sword included)
Mantle Size-Previous Version (2015): W27 cm & L 28.5 cm→New Release(2016): W42 cm & 35 cm
Serial Number: No.1-No.50
Limited manufacture to 50 pcs only (including domestic & international)
Originated & Manufactured by ART OF WAR

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Product Information

Unit Price 125,000 JPY*Sold Out
Product Size Non-Scale; 33cm (H)x 44.5 cm (W)x 64cm (D) (base & sword included)Mantle Size-Previous Version: W27 cm & L 28.5 cm→New Release: W42 cm & 35 cm
Attachments Serial Number Nameplate
Maximum Manufacture Limited to 50 pcs only
Serial Number No. 1- No.50
Materials Polystone
Estimated Delivery Date around June-July, 2016
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Released Date February 19th, 2016
Copy Right © Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Cautions No repair, no refund, no cancellation