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No. 426 Nosferatu Zodd *2013 Bloody Repainting Version*Sold Out!!!

No. 426 Nosferatu Zodd *2013 Bloody Repainting Version*Sold Out!!!

Unit Price: 70,000JPY

Repainting Version-Last 1 pcs from warehouse
Estimated Delivery Date: around August, 2016
An addition of blood is added to this version.
We will make a new nameplate for this product.


Zodd - A more formidable re-creation!
Compared to our previous Zodd statues, this time we re-creat it into a much bigger size.The height of the Zodd statue is 32cm, and the spread of its wings is 37cm. The angle of neck and the big mouth is changed to show Zodd's roaring. You can find that this 2013 version is totally different and refined compare to our previous one.

Zodd's Wings - A color makeover!
Our artists, with their professional experience in designing and coloring, have given Zodd's huge wings a full color makeover, applying a special color never before used. This unique color, a combination of black with a blue tone, produces an almost real-like hard fur look on the surface of Zodd's wings. And for the inner parts of the wings, we have made them smooth and a little bit luminous like the real wings of a beast. Moreover, when you feast your eyes on this statue from the back, you will find that our design makes Zodd even more powerful and formidable (just as how we wanted it!). In order to make the Zodd statue more realistic, we painted the striped single horn and the beast ears more carefully. And every finger of the beast hand is re-designed to make them powerful. There, you will feel the tension emerging from whatever angle you view the statue , this goes far beyond anything we have created to date! Take some time to look at the pictures of the well-defined single horn and the tips of the toe on our website.

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©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha

Product Information

Unit Price 70,000 JPY * Last 1 pcs
Product Size about W37 x D35 x H32 cm 
Attachments Nameplate
Maximum Manufacture Last 1 pcs from warehouse
Materials Polystone
Estimated Delivery Date around August, 2016
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Released Date June 9th, 2016
Copy Right © Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Cautions No cancellation, no refund, no return or repair service.