Japanese Samurai Helmet -Naoe Kanetsugu- *1/1 Scale Recreated from "Hana no Keiji"

Japanese Samurai Helmet -Naoe Kanetsugu- *1/1 Scale Recreated from "Hana no Keiji"

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Product Description

From "Hana no Keiji" (Comics by Tetuo Hara, originated from Keiichirou ryuu)
Chapter "Attack on Sawatari"
-Complete 1/1 scale(wearable) Naoe Kanetsugu's Kabuto from the drawing of Tetsuo Hara.-

[Naoe Kanetsugu]
He is a famous general of Sengoku period. Kanetsugu was a loyal follower of Uesugi Kagegatsu, a successor to Uesugi Kenshin. Both Kagekatsu and Kanetsugu studied spirit of "Justice" under Uesugi Kenshin. After Kenshin's death, Kanetsugu became an administrator of Kagekatsu Government and managed all of the affairs and diplomacy of Uesugi province. He was skilled in both literary and military arts, so his ability was also recognized by heroes such as Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Kabuto of Naoe Kanetsugu is famous for its Maedate or front ornament of the Chinese letter "Ai". The original one is currently preserved at Uesugi jinja, Yonezawa city Japan, but shape of this "Naoe's Kabuto" is originated from the comics Keiji. In the comics, Kanetsugu is described as a general who has a sense of justice, so he earned a respect form Maeda Keiji, the hero of the comics. We choose the shape of the Kabuto from the comics intently, since a molding of the Kabuto is marvelous, having two side crests which can not be found at genuine one.

The Kabuto is hand-made one by one perfectly by artisan who finished Raoh's Kabuto. It is such a quality article made from iron, brass, copper and leather in the same method of making real Kabuto at Japanese Sengoku period. There is leather inside the helmet, and silk crepe became a kind of buffer between human's head and hard helmet. It is just same technique from Sengoku period. And the helmet has a chin strap, so wearing it became easier than Raoh's Kabuto.

*About finish of the Kabuto

1.A front crest of Chinese letter "Ai"

The letter "Ai" is an initial of Atago Gongen, the god of war in Japan. Shape of the crest is finished by punching a hole in the brass plate and layer with brilliant gold leaf. An under ornament is shape of cloud, patterned by cold chisel and layered with oxidized silver leaf. So the ornament finished with stunning feeling of material and tasteful coloring.

2.Side crests

Two side crests are carved wooden parts applied with silver leaf then oxidized on the surface. The silver side crests present an exquisite contrast to the front crest with gold letter of "Ai" and silver cloud pattern. As a result, the kabuto makes unforgettable impressions on people who have ever seen it.

Entirely Made-to-Order Work (Limited to only up to 30 sets worldwide, please note that the ordering would be closed when the orders come an upper limit)
Unit Price: 380,000 JAPANESE YEN(tax excluded)
Size: 1/1 Scale *Wearable.
34.5cm (W) x 35 cm (D) x 89.5 cm (H) (Base Pedestal included)
Weight: 2.8kg (Base Pedestal included)
Materials: iron, brass, copper, leather, lacquer, cloth, wood, gold foil and silver foil
Attachment: Main Paulownia Wooden box with serial number(Black lacquered wooden box, and gold color Chinese letters which is name of "Naoe Kanetsugu"), Base fedestal, Wood plate, Sub Paulownia Wooden box for side crests)
* Kabuto can be disassembled into different parts which are particularly partitioned and segmented inside the wooden box and comes with individual sacks for wrapping so that each of the parts are well protected.
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*Image only.(please note that the Kabuto in the picture is sample product)

©Keiichirou ryuu, Tetsuo Hara/NSP 1990, Copyright consent HID-609
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