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Japanese Handmade Lacquer Ware Sake Cup (Insertion of Sanada Rokumonsen- with gold leaf)

Japanese Handmade Lacquer Ware Sake Cup (Insertion of Sanada Rokumonsen- with gold leaf)

Unit Price: 12,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 500g

Lacquer Ware of Sanada Yukimura "with Rokumonsen (Symbol of Samurai Warrior- Sanada Yukimura) painted in a gold leaf"

This is one of the very famous handmade lacquer ware- sake cup with the insertion of "Rokumonsen- Symbol of the warrior (Sanada Yukimura)"
You are able to fully enjoy the Japanese sake dropping in the lacquer cup
The insertion of six parts is plated in a gold which will not be faded and remain for a several years.

Inside the cup will definately bring satisfaction in drinking the sake.
This cup is perfected with Japan’s best “Wajima” lacquer.
Enjoying art created in Japan 400 years ago, sensing the peculiar soft touch of lacquer work, what a time of felicity!


Product Information

Unit Price: 12,000 JPY (Tax excluded)
Surface coating: lacquer paint, gold leaf in the symbol part inside
Base : Natural Wood
Size: 110 mm in diameter, about 38mm in height
Net Weight: about 45 gms
Attachment: a box, a yellowish cloth
Made in Japan/ Ishikawa Prefecture
Estimated Delivery Date: 3-7 days after the confirmation of payment.

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