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Stone Garden Board Game-English Version

Stone Garden Board Game-English Version

Unit Price: 8,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 2500g

Estimated Delivery Date: around 7-10 days after the confirmation of payment.

We will offer our customer "Stone Garden Rule" and "Stone Garden Reference Sheet" in English Version to play the game very smoothly.

Stone Garden Board Game [English verion]

Euro style board game meets Zen spirit!
Designed by Yamada Koota, illustrated by Mamada Yusuke, developed by New Games Order LLC.
Kensin molded and painted 25 Zen stones, key components of this game.

1. Product Description

English version of Japanese board Game, "Karesansui".
Tokyo German Games Competition 2012-2013 Grand Prize winner

Age: 14+ 
for 2-4 players
Duration: 60-90 minutes

The Stone Garden ("Karesansui" in Japanese) is a tradition of Japanese gardening that expesses in compressed form the beauty of natural hills and rivers without use of water. The tradition, linked with the spirit of Zen, was primarily developed in the late Muromachi period, and the time between the Edo period and today has seen the creation of many outstanding stone gardens. Those found in the vestibule of Zen temples are particularly and artistry, and highly regarded in even foreign lands as being representative of Japanese esthetics.
In this game, players are Zen monks, charged with creating a beautiful stone garden. Create the stone garden that best expresses spirit and artistry to win.

Box (paper)
1 x Temple Board (paper)
4 x Garden Boards (paper)
80 x Stone Garden tiles (paper)
14 x Name Garden Cards (paper)
9 x Master Gardener Cards (paper)
25 x stones (polystone)
4 x Zen Monk Pawns (wood)
4 x discs (wood)
4 x Quick Reference Sheets (paper)
1 x 8 page Rulebook (paper)

Youtube: (Played by the costumer) video uploaded for reference of playing it.

2. Product Information

Unit Price: 8,000 JPY
Box size: approx. W320mm x D230mm x H70mm
Net Weight: approx. 1800g

3. About the artist

Game designer: Yamada Koota (山田空太)
Awards:Tokyo German Games competition 2012-2013

Illustrator: Mamada Yusuke

Publisher:New Games Order LLC

© Yamada Koota
© New Games Order LLC

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