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No. 440 Winter Journey-Limited Edition I*20th Anniversary Product*Only Few pcs Remaining!!

No. 440 Winter Journey-Limited Edition I*20th Anniversary Product*Only Few pcs Remaining!!

Unit Price: 148,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 14300g


Please kindly understand that the image of the broken wall in the background is just an image for display. It does not come with the product. You are able to display the product in some kinds of broken wall perfectly.

In stock item- AOW 20th Anniversary Product!

Limited Manufacture to 77 pcs only*Few pcs remaining!!!

This version has the attachment of Gut's mantle (is removable) and the attachment of 2 pcs of evil spirit parts (Big & Small)

The evil spirit parts can be separated freely from the original place.

Estimated Delivery Date: around 3-7 days after the confirmation of payment.

Product Information

ART OF WAR (20th Anniversary Product)

A completely different taste and volume of the detail product “Guts & Casca”.
The idea of the reproduction of this high quality level of model comes from “Winter Journey”- Berserk Volume 23/ Chapters of the Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc. “The Winter Journey” .

This development of the product is a complete new modeling with a new and detailed interpretation as 20th Anniversary Product. The product itself has overwhelming volume.
This is the first time, ART OF WAR was able to reproduce the diorama base product of “Guts & Casca” in 1/6 scale. Also, this Guts has more volume in his body than the past release of 1/6 scale of “Guts: The Black Swordsman”.
The fighting Guts who is always protecting Casca is reproduced together where there are lots of representation of damages in the sword and the armor. Not only the color, the reproduction itself has so much detail representation and the modeling part is arranged carefully to develop 20th Anniversary product.
If the comparison is made between the dragon layer between from our customer's purchase, even the volume of the dragon slayer has been increased than the previous products. Guts arm is reproduced with more thickness as “20th Anniversary Model”.

Casca is developed as the complete new modeling together with Guts. Also, the moment and presence of the evil spirits coming from all sides makes the battle scene even more real. This is a perfect piece of product which shows our history of dedication of representing detailed model since the past years. You are able to fully enjoy the world of berserk with this fabuluos statues.

The representation of the wet soil on the ground is done by the resins with the addition of image of the dried leaves on the floor. The evil spirits comes out from many sides of the base part as the bubble. You are able to enjoy full detail part in 360°angle. This product is physological description of each character and the perfect composition of balance where you can enjoy every artistic angle.

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©Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha

Product Information

Unit Price 148,000 JPY*Few pcs remaining!!
Product Size 1/6 scale [approx. (W) 44.5 cm x (H) 29.5 cm x (L) 30 cm, including the base and sword but excluded the two ghosts)] ; [The Big (Demon) : (L) 12.5 cm x (W) 9 cm x (Thickness) 5 cm; The Small (Demon): (L) 12.5 cm x (W) 7 cm] Dragon Slayer: about 35.8 cm
Attachments Guts Mantle- is removable; 2 types of evil spirit- is removable; special separate serial number nameplate
Other Option None
Maximum Manufacture Limited Manufacture to 77 pcs only!!
Serial Number No.1 - No.77
Materials Polystone, PU & special poly in some parts to enhance elasticity.
Estimated Delivery Date around 7-10 days after the confirmation of payment
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
Copy Right © Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Cautions No cancellation, no refund, no return or repair service.

Other images

  • The mantle part hole can be covered with magnet.You are able to enjoy the product without mantle also. Please kindly check the picture below: