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No. 443 AOW Special Repaint Service for-"Winter Journey"*Pre-order ends!! *Sold out*

No. 443 AOW Special Repaint Service for-"Winter Journey"*Pre-order ends!! *Sold out*

Unit Price: 10,000JPY

AOW Extra Blood Repainting Option for 10,000 JPY!!Available until December 5th!!!

*Please kindly understand this is only the option product.
Please kindly purchase this product together with the product "Winter Journey- Guts & Casca".
We will not accept only this repainting option.
The option product will be automatically cancelled if you do not purchase the real product "No.436".

The addition of blood repainting in the dusty look of Guts & Casca looks amazing. The base part has also addition of blood repainting to the item. With the addition of splatter blood repainting in the dragon slayer, the battlefield image of the product looks more real. To the customers purchasing the product item "Winter Journey- Limited Edition I, II & III" and wish to add the blood repainting then please kindy purchase together with the item.

Also, you are able to check the splatter of the blood in the Casca's clothes and Gut's armor and mantle.
You are able to fully enjoy the world of berserk with the addition of splatter blood repainting.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding and cooperation.

*We will be able to offer free repainting service for Platinum and Diamond Customers.
*To the platinum and diamond customers, please kindly contact us via e-mail if you wish to add this repainting option to your product without adding to the cart or you are able to add in the "remarks" during your purchase of the product until the due date.

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