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No.213 Casting Beherit- Egg of the King -Last Order by July 31st, 2017!!!

No.213 Casting Beherit- Egg of the King -Last Order by July 31st, 2017!!!

Unit Price: 150,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 2500g

This product is hand-made, so there will be some delicate differences in color and sharp of every item.

To the customers purchasing this product, please kindly provide us two initial letters during your pre-order in order to put in the back side of the frame.

Green Version is also available.
*Please kindly understand that if you wish to purchase green version, the unit price is 160,000 JPY.

It is the first Berserk article by Collaboration between ART OF WAR and Japanese contemporary artist.

From the serial publication of Berserk started to the present, even 21 years passed, fans all over the world are still fascinated by Berserk. And the deep characteristic of Berserk stimulates Japanese sculptors' strong desires to create new art works.

Material of Casting Beherit- Bronze
Since this Beherit is casted by bronze, you can feel both weight and quality of metal. Thus, Casting Beherit represents a unique feeling which is different from previous products. Besides, this product is made as a decoration that is hanged on the exclusive frame. And an original serial number plate(made of brass) carved by Kensin Co., LTD one by one.

The charming parts of this product are the stately quality which is brought from the bronze material, and the new way to present three-dimensional Beherit that is hanged on a frame as a decoration. When you hang the behelit on the old-style nail, it looks as if beherit is rising into the metal color frame. Beherit being sculped with bit large size (around 7 cm) expresses its strong personality as mystic artifact.

In other words, each customer can possess their exclusive one in the world. Hanging on the wall like a picture, or enjoying it by taking out from the frame, you can have fun with this product in both ways. Especially you can feel a sense of fulfillment when you put Beherit on you hands, since the weight and quality are totally different from previous product. As one of Berserk collections, this is a valuable product which is made by a young contemporary artist. And you can always enjoy the special feeling of this product even time passes.

Manufacturing Method- Lost-wax casting.
After casting the body part of Beherit, the sculptor used gravers and hammers to increase rough but detailed expression with nuance. The body and metal fitting is glued together by silver wax heated around 800C.

Painting Method: Baking Urushi (Japanese Lacquer)
This product is painted by undiluted Urushi (This time we use reddish-brown Urushi.) and other paints combined with pigment. We paint this product first and bake it later. The Urushi is usually not easy to be attached to the metal. Thus, this product is needed to be baked at 180C-200C for 1 hour to make the Urushi have great depth.
Besides, we polished eyes, nose, and mouth of Behelit to make strong impressions and present the gloss feeling of bronze material.

*Limited up to 30 pieces worldwide. Made-to order item.
Unit Price 150,000 (Tax excluded)*160,000 JPY (Green Version-tax excluded)
Size: W5x D4.5 xH7(cm) (Behelit)
W23.3xD7xH26(cm) (Frame)
Attachment: Frame and Serial No. Plate(adhered on backside of the frame)
Weight: 250g (Behelit); 800g (with frame)
Material: Bronze, Urushi, Brass, and others
Originated & Manufactured by: ART OF WAR
Product will be ready for shipping after 2-3 months (about 60-90 days) when we receive the order.

Shipping and Handling Costs (via EMS only and in Japanese Yen):

Area 1 - Y 4500
Area 2 - Y 5700
Area 3 - Y 6400
Area 4 - Y 9500

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@ Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha