Japanese Samurai Helmet -Oda Nobunaga- *1/2 Scale Nanban Kabuto

Japanese Samurai Helmet -Oda Nobunaga- *1/2 Scale Nanban Kabuto

Unit Price: 250,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 2500g


Product Description

This product is named [Nanban Kabuto], it is recreated from the helmet which Oda Nobunaga used in Senkoku period.
This kind of Helmet is a combination of both European and Japanese style. It was a very advanced design at that time.
This is a totally handmade item. To recreate this kabuto, the artisans need several weeks.
To express the tension and grace, artisans will beat the iron many times and finally make it into a perfect shape.
And to paint the helmet, we need to repeat the painting steps over 10 times.
In addition, by baking lacquer several times, the black color becomes deep and natural on the helmet.

Product Infomation

Size: 1/2 scale 23cm (H)x 20cm (W)x 18cm (D)
Materials: Iron, Wood, Gold Leaf Foil (KINPAKU), Leather, Urushi Lacquer, Cloth, etc.
Accompaniment: Wooden placard, Paulownia case, Pedestal Base
Release Time: Made-to-Order (1-2 months)

*The images are sample pictures and may vary from the actual product.

Shipping and Handling Costs:
*via EMS only
Area 1 (Asia) - 4,500 JPY
Area 2 (North America, Mideast, Oceania) - 5,200 JPY
Area 3 (EU Countries) - 5,900 JPY
Area 4 (South America, Africa) - 9,500 JPY

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