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No. 450 AOW- 20th Anniversary Special Extra BloodShed Repainting Option for No. 438*Pre-Order Ended! *Sold out*

No. 450 AOW- 20th Anniversary Special Extra BloodShed Repainting Option for No. 438*Pre-Order Ended! *Sold out*

Unit Price: 15,000JPY

AOW 20th Anniversary Special Extra Bloodshed Option-

According to the request from many customers, we are offering the bloodshed option repainting for this product again.

Estimated Delivery Date: around end of October, 2017.

We will be able to accept your pre-order only if purchased together with product number "No. 438".

This time, in comparison to the last time, there is additional of much extra bloodshed in the base part. The painting time by the artisans is increased from 2 times to 3 times. Our artisans have carefully painted the bloodshed with much dedication in order to bring the real image of the product.

"Three dimensional bloodshed painting"

You are able to see the flow of blood as the bloodshed from the diorama base apostle. A very realistic finish and the wet blood feeling of the blood is all over near the feet of the Guts. The addition of bloodshed in the dragon slayer brings the image of the immediate kill of the apostle. We provide you the real and more feeling of bloodshed in the product.

Please kindly purchase this item together with "No. 438". This is only the option pre-order.
*We will not accept the pre-order for only this product. Therefore, please kindly purchase together with the product "No. 438"


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*Estimated Delivery Date: around end of October after the confirmation of payment.

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*We are unable to accept the pre-order together if it is not purchased together with "No.438".
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