*On Sale!! Japanese Samurai Helmet -Kuroda Nagamasa- *1/2 Scale Kabuto

*On Sale!! Japanese Samurai Helmet -Kuroda Nagamasa- *1/2 Scale Kabuto

Unit Price: 200,000JPY

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Weight: 2500g

Product Description

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This is one of the earliest projects by Art Kensin to date in restoring historical items dated during the Sengoku~Momoyama Period a scaled down model of the original Kabuto worn by Kuroda Nagamasa himself. By using the same techniques, lacquering technology and same processes and materials, Art Kenshin is able to restore the pinnacle of Warring States Period's superior design sense, Wabi-Sabi, by only sticking to genuine materials and discipline just like the artisans of the same period. Thereby, letting the owner of this piece enjoy and appreciate the real thing in its restored form. No doubt, the years of research and trial and error by the contemporary top artisans and craftsmen can only guarantee satisfaction from owning this art piece. Hand-made one by one and secured in a special wooden case with a placard stating "Daisuigyu-Wakidate-Momonari Kabuto". We guarantee that generations after will surely enjoy the patination that the gold leaf layers will bring out as time passes by.

Pure deep black of the main body, golden of the Wakidate (decorations on both sides) and Maedate (decoration in middle), crimson of the Shikoro (neck protector), through use of contrastive colors, the dignified figure of Daimyou (General) of the Warring State Period, Kuroda Nagamasa has been successfully recreated.

Product Information

Size: 1/2 scale 41cm (H)x 28.5cm (W)x 15.5cm (D)
Materials: Iron, Wood, Gold Leaf Foil (KINPAKU), Leather, Urushi Lacquer, Cloth, etc.
Accompaniment: Wooden placard, Paulownia case, Pedestal Base
Release Time: Made-to-Order (1-2 months)

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Area 1 (Asia) - 4,500 JPY
Area 2 (North America, Mideast, Oceania) - 5,200 JPY
Area 3 (EU Countries) - 5,900 JPY
Area 4 (South America, Africa) - 9,500 JPY

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