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No. 456 Berserk: Slash 1/6 scale*Bloodshed Repainting Version (without Darka)*Sold Out!!!

No. 456 Berserk: Slash 1/6 scale*Bloodshed Repainting Version (without Darka)*Sold Out!!!

Unit Price: 80,000JPY

Handling Fee is charged.

Weight: 9000g

Last Chance to get this product!

*Sold Out!!

Estimated Delivery Date: around 3-7 days after the confirmation of payment! Last 1 pcs

*Please kindly understand that there is no interchangable Gut's human head in this product.

Product Description: "Berserk Slash 1/6 scale- Bloodshed Repainting Version

This item is made from the original model of “Guts- 1/6 scale slash”. .We have received a lot of inquiries for this product, therefore, we decided to release this product with the flowing bloodshed repainting for the first time.

"Berserk 1/6 scale slash" is a large-sized statue, which the total length is 54 cm and Guts' mantle is around 34 cm wide. You can feel a great strength from Berserk' fighting pose. When Berserk went down on his knees and swung the Dragon Slayer, Berserks' mantle was flying in the wind and featured a dramatic shape. This 1/6 scale Berserk armor has a powerful image which you are not able to find from a 1/10 scale statue.

This time, our artisans carefully added the bloodshed flowing all over the armor. The addition of bloodshed takes a lot of time in order to paint one piece. However, this kind of painting is possible only in ART OF WAR's factory. You will be amazed to see the product in real with bloodshed flowing in the armor.


This time, we repaint the inside part of the mantle in a dark iron color this time. The whole armor is colored in a black dark color. Also, for the first, we, ART OF WAR worked on fresh Bloodshed Repainting flowing down from the armor, and the bloodshed stains smeared on the Dragon Slayer and the base. Our skillful artisans paint every item with hand brushes carefully. We are proud to offer this high quality statues to Berserk fans.

This product looks completely bloody with the bloodshed repainting all over the armor and base.

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Product Information

Unit Price 80,000 (without attachment of Darka)*Sold Out!!!
Product Size approx. (W) 34 cm x (H) 31.5 cm x (L) 54 cm
Attachments Serial Number Nameplate (No. 31〜45)
Maximum Manufacture Additional Manufacture - 15 pcs (Total Manufacture- 45 pcs)
Serial Number The serial number will be from No. 31〜45 respectively.
Materials Polystone, PU & special poly in some parts to enhance elasticity.
Estimated Delivery Date around 3-7 days after the confirmation of payment.
Shipping Method EMS (Shipping Cost will be automatically calculated during purchase)
Originated & Manufactured ART OF WAR
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Cautions No cancellation, no refund, no return or repair service.